Karina and Teenagers Like Her Are Easy Prey for Traffickers


A recently published article reinforces what Stella’s Voice has been saying all along. Highlighting the hopelessness in Moldova, the article tells the story of Karina, a teenager whose young life is broken by abuse.

Social workers consider Karina and teenagers like her ‘easy prey for human traffickers’. The government cannot continue to fund her care and is preparing to send Karina to a permanent orphanage in a poor and remote southern region of Moldova.

The article ends with little hope: ‘“She is so traumatized, she is a potential target for traffickers,” said [Karina’s psychologist, Lidia] Gorceag, almost as if such a fate is inevitable’.

At Stella’s Voice, our mission is to change this fate, and thanks to the support of people like you, we are. Every day we are protecting the world’s most vulnerable from traffickers—girls and boys just like Karina.

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Photo by Zach and Jenny Hoffman