Powerful Ripple Effect and Huge Gift for a 5-Year Old Girl

When a young person’s life is changed—truly changed—their life becomes a beacon of hope for others. Listen to this story about Anna (her name has been changed to protect her identity).


Anna came to Stella’s Voice last August. You may remember our celebration when eight new girls joined our homes—Anna was one of them. Since then, her daily life has changed in nearly every way.

Coming from a rural Moldovan village in extreme poverty made Anna susceptible to exploitation and hopelessness. Recently, on a trip back to her home village, she saw a 5-year old girl called Zina roaming the streets dirty and tattered. Anna’s past looked similar to this little girl. But, because of the care she’s experienced at Stella’s Voice, Anna looked at Zina with different eyes—eyes that don’t just see problems, they see solutions.

Anna had an idea. She returned to Stella’s Voice and gathered clean new clothes and toys and went back to the village. She invited Zina to where she was staying, allowed her to bathe, helped her wash and comb her dirty tangled hair, and gave her the carefully chosen clothing.

Your support has already changed Anna’s life, and Anna is going on to change the lives of others. Although Zina has never been in our care, she has felt the love and warmth of Stella’s Voice through the life of Anna. This ripple effect is made possible by your support.

We’re only a few short weeks from dozens of ‘Anna’s and ‘Zina’s being sent out on the streets in Moldova. Every year around this time, dozens, if not hundreds, of young people who age out of state-run orphan homes are sent out on their own to face lives of extreme poverty, desperation, and risk of exploitation. Stella’s Voice is uniquely equipped to rescue and transform each one of these young people, but without your financial support, we will not be able to bring more young people into our care.

The children of Moldova need your help right now. This is the most critical period of the year for us to strengthen and increase our capacity to care for vulnerable children. If we don’t receive the necessary funds, many, many more young people will be lost to the streets. It takes only £270 per month to rescue one of these young people.

Will you commit to help during this crucial season? Please visit our support page >

As soon as you send your gift, you begin a new ripple effect—just like with Anna and Zina—that impacts the lives of countless young people. Thank you for bringing hope, love, and light to the children of Stella’s Voice, and thank you for giving today!


P.S. We've placed pictures of Zina’s transformation above so you can see the impact your gift can have. Please continue to stand with the children in the care of Stella’s Voice and for those who will be released from state-run orphanages onto the streets in a few months. And don’t forget to fill out the reply card and send in your gift. Thank you!