Stella's Voice Volunteer, Daisy Johnston, is 90 Years Old!


Join with us in wishing the amazing Daisy Johnston a HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY today. Daisy has been (and still is) volunteering in our Aberdeen charity shop since 2012. Previous to that she volunteered with the blind society for 15 years. Having recently stopped weekend shifts because "the head is willing but the body is not", she currently serves on the till every Tuesday and Thursday 1 PM – 4 PM.

Daisy says she loves her work with Stella's Voice as it keeps her active, and she has a great camaraderie with workmates and customers. Mandy Reid, our shop supervisor, said "Daisy is a valued team member, an inspiration to us all. She is always happy to start her shift and never complains". Margaret Innes, a fellow volunteer, said "Daisy is a very nice lady who does a remarkable job". Mark Morgan, Europe Director, said "Daisy's zest for life is remarkable and inspirational".

If you are in the Aberdeen area during Daisy's shifts, pop in and wish her well!