4 Reasons Money is More Helpful than Goods

We're in our third decade of humanitarian relief at Stella's Voice. Through the years, we've learned some of the best (and worst) ways to help those in need. A common misconception of relief work is that supplies are what's needed most. The current refugee crisis is not immune to this idea.


However, we've found that finances are much more useful in bringing significant help to the world's worst crises.

Why does this matter to us? Because we're committed to helping the most people possible. We're (almost fanatically) concerned with using our resources to their utmost potential.

Here are four reasons why your finances help aid go further:

  1. We meet urgent needs. Needs change every day and monetary donations allow us to make urgent purchases as soon as needs arise.
  2. Bulk goods save money. We can buy goods in bulk, which saves money and allows your gifts to go further. Additionally, when we purchase goods in-country, they don’t need to be transported and they help the local economy. Monetary gifts make sense both economically and ecologically.
  3. Fresh food matters. It is very important for those in need to be given fruits and vegetables. To ensure freshness, these need to be purchased locally.
  4. Build stronger infrastructure. Money provides needed improvements to the places we are working. Donations can be used for refrigerators, tools, and plumbing, among other things.

While finances are the best way to help, Stella's Voice is adept at getting the full potential out of donated items and supplies. We do this through our retail shops, where goods are sold for humanitarian fundraising, and we regularly send donated supplies to areas in need.

Most importantly, whether you are giving money or goods, don't forget, you are changing lives.

Some current aid work at Stella's Voice: To see our work with refugees, click here. We're also making plans this holiday season for orphans in Eastern Europe. Learn more about Imagine Christmas at Stella's Voice.