The New Meaning of "10" at Stella's Voice


Ten. It's the first milestone in counting, isn't it?! Ten fingers, ten toes. It's almost as if we're built to count to ten! It's also one of the first things we try when we're learning new languages . . . one, two, three . . . uno, dos, tres . . .

This summer, ten has a new meaning for the Stella's Voice family. Over the summer, ten new young people were found and brought into our care. Ten lives changed. Ten destinies transformed. Ten life stories have started a brand new chapter.

We've been sharing over the past few months how summers in Moldova are when orphans leave state-run homes and become prime targets for human traffickers. They enter the most vulnerable position in their lives. That season is when Stella's Voice steps in to provide a way out.

Because of your support, we’re happy to report that this has been one of our most successful summers ever. Combining our experience from over two decades of work in Eastern Europe with your giving, we are more effective than we've ever been, which means we're able to reach and transform more lives than ever before. 

YOU are an integral part of this life-giving equation. Without your support, ten young lives would still be targets for exploitation and abuse.

Together, we can find and help more young people. Will you help us? Your gift of £15, £25, or £50 goes straight into all that it takes to find and care for the world's most vulnerable children.

Would you take a moment now to give? Simply click here or visit to give online. 

We can't wait to see your gift at work, saving and shaping lives!