Give Them the Gift They Really Deserve


Winter in Moldova is beautiful. Snow is regular and welcome in Eastern Europe, and for a season, the landscape is blanketed with a serenity and purity otherwise lost amid the worn and tired remains of a former Soviet-dominated state. Like winters in the west, the season peaks at Christmas. Celebrations of family come to life with traditions, meals, and gifts and maybe most of all, the wonderful sense of being home fills the air.

At Stella's Voice, we work to seize every opportunity to bring this sense of home into the lives of our children and young people. For most of them, Christmases past have been reminders of what they haven’t had—an orphan's everyday reality of poverty, loss, and loneliness contrasting with the world around them.

It's difficult to imagine Christmas without the simple things we often take for granted—warmth, kindness, food, family, laughter. But for many of the world's children, these things aren't so simple. Poverty and hopelessness have led to cycles of neglect and abuse, leaving children powerless and vulnerable.

For a child to flourish, it's vital that they understand their own worth. They've got to feel loved. And when children are surrounded by the pain and emptiness that so many in Moldova face, they get stripped of the value and worth they so desperately need.

But when children enter our care, things begin to change.

Throughout the year, we provide life-changing care day in and day out. From clothing and meals to education and job training, our care is designed to give children and young people the tools necessary to lead successful lives.

Christmas is unique, though. It’s the perfect chance to restore a child’s value by going the distance to make each one feel loved and celebrated.

With this goal before us, we've spent the last few months gathering gift boxes to send to children in our care and beyond. When a child's basic needs are met, they feel life’s worth living, but when we give beyond their needs, they feel they’re worth loving.

This year, we have—through the generous donations of our supporters—Christmas boxes and supplies waiting in warehouses in the United States, England, and Scotland ready to make the journey to Moldova. And this is why we've come to you. We need your help to cover the transportation costs to get these life-changing gifts to Moldova.

We have the chance to give gifts that go far beyond a warm gesture. This Christmas, you can help restore the worth in a child's heart. You can help reverse the effects of years of neglect and abuse.

Will you give to see an orphan feel loved this Christmas? Whether you choose to give £15, £35, or even £50, your gift goes straight into all that it takes to bring worth to those in desperate need this Christmas.