October Newsletter

I’m writing this from Moldova, where the girls and boys of Stella’s Voice are busy with school, volleyball and other various activities. The weather is turning cooler,  and we’re all hoping the snow will hold off a little longer! It’s just about 5 o’clock in the evening, and we’ll all be gathering for dinner soon, but before we do, I thought I’d take a minute to update you on all the happenings this month.

We had a major celebration: two brothers (twins, actually) who lived in Simon’s House both were married—on the same day, in a double wedding! Eugen and Ilie are such a blessing, and I know they will enjoy lives rich with happiness. << This is exactly what we are working for at Stella’s Voice, with your help. The chance at a real, happy future—filled with love and hope.

oct news image 1.jpg

Of course, weddings aren’t all we celebrated last month:

  • Several of our girls had birthdays, and we celebrated with food and fun. These milestones fill their lives with so much joy.

  • Two of our girls, Oxana and Mihaela, just finished five weeks of internships at various factories. Oxana really enjoyed learning to make juices and jams.

  • And, another one of our girls, Doina, is attending police academy.  She’s been busy learning the oath and many patriotic poems. She’s loving it, and we just bought her uniform not long ago. Several of her classmates were at the store at the same time, and it was obvious she is very well respected among her peers.

oct news image 2.jpg

Well, the dinner bell is about to sound, so I will sign off with my thanks.