Girl's Homes

Imagine a young girl being left alone in this world. Now, imagine that same girl being turned out into the streets, because she is too old to stay at the orphanage. Many of these orphans end up as victims of human trafficking. They are sold into sex slavery and many languish and suffer there for years with no hope of a better life.

We call our girl's homes Stella’s House, and they are homes for orphan girls who have been aged out of state-run facilities and are prime targets for sex traffickers, those who want to trap them in modern slavery.

While living at Stella’s House, the girls complete their education, learn life skills, and grow in an environment that changes their mindset from 'I am just an orphan' to 'I am worthy of being loved'. Instead of becoming a child trafficking statistic, these children are loved and given a chance at a victorious life.