In the next 30 seconds, a child will be sold into sex slavery. Will you take 30 seconds to save her? Give now >

Valentina's worst day was Christmas day. She was used 95 times. In comparison to our normal lives, this seems unimaginable. But for so many, this is normal life.

Today, and every day, 2,880 children will be sold into sex slavery—one child every 30 seconds.

At one point, Valentina was simply an orphan child needing a home, education, and hope. The traffickers knew this and seized their opportunity.

But, you can prevent this from ever happening. In the next 30 seconds, you can change an orphan’s fate. Together, we can build the homes, provide the education, and fund the jobs that change everything for hundreds of orphans just like Valentina.

We've already impacted so many lives. With your help, we can save even more.

Will you take 30 seconds and give now? For only £8 a month, you can shape a child's future. This is just £2 per week—less than most people spend for a cup of coffee—to bring care, education, and jobs to the world's most vulnerable. Thank you.

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