as we awake excited to see what santa has left in our cosy homes......


..... the above picture shows reality for many families in Moldova on Christmas morning.  This is why our Christmas appeal focuses on providing basic, everyday essentials.  These items will be received and appreciated with as much joy as we see in our families when they receive the latest trending gifts.

Moldova is Europe’s poorest nation. Poverty is what makes so many Moldovan children at risk to the modern-day slave trade. Young people are put in circumstances they can’t get out of—young men into labour camps and young women into sex slavery.  Lack of employment opportunties results in many families living in conditions depicted above.

Those directly in our care in Moldova designate time during their Christmas break to go into orphanages and visit impoverished families to share the kind donations we send from you.

Click here to download our Christmas appeal leaflet with list of needed items, donation slip and further details.